Modern Indian restaurant in Elsternwick

Celebrating the best of Indian cuisine

Toddy Indian Restaurant Elsternwick


480A Glenhuntly Rd
Elsternwick, VIC, 3185


03 8595 4209



05:00PM – 10:00 PM

Open On

Back to normal trading from Monday 7th January.


Welcome to Toddy.

An ode to the treasured beverage served along the coastline of India, the traditional Toddy made of palm or coconut arrak and drippings remnant to create a refreshing morning drink or by night a powerful elixir.

Here in Elsternwick, we presents Toddy, a restaurant celebrating his Indian heritage. Our Chef has anticipated opening Toddy for some time and takes his greatest hits from family secrets and past generations folding them together with the layers of his own travels and history. A place for conversations, contentment and sanctuary in an establishment that salutes family and friends and where the drinks are as important as the dining. A haven of hospitality and heritage where community and camaraderie is prevalent providing the foundation for his menu of old world meets new to ensure everyone is looked after.

Pull up at the Toddy bar for banter, kale crisps, smashed samosa and chicken tikka with cocktails to match the mood. Move through to mains where your dining style can be decided by guests at the table, or be guided by Chef’s recommendations such as Grandma Hilda’s Anglo, an Indian inspired Shepard’s Pie, the famous Old Delhi Style tandoori chicken, naan bursting with cheese and sesame crusted scallops. Something sweet also awaits those dining in or just dropping by with cinnamon soaked dumplings and rustic ice-cream accompanied by sweet wines or seasonal cocktails.

Toddy is a restaurant here for you by day and night or, take Toddy home with you


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